Boned chicken leg

Chickens raised in the open air in the Drôme, each chicken has a minimum space of 6m² and is reared for 81 days, fed without GMOs or antibiotics. 

The wings are cut by hand on a whole chicken then boned.


We offer this product also without skin, just tell us in the "comment to Les Jumeaux" when you order. Please note that in this case the weight may vary slightly.

Certification : Organic farming

7,57€ (32,91€/kg)

In its vacuum pack, the meat can be stored 7 days in the fridge. If the package is open or pierced, a maximum of 2 to 3 days, at a temperature between 2°C to 4°C.

To extend the storage time limit, you may use the freezer.

We nevertheless recommend you consume it within 3 months.

Preferably, take the meat out of the freezer 12 hours in advance and let it slowly defrost in the fridge.