Goose Foie Gras obtained without force feeding

Our exceptional Foie Gras is obtained through slow growth of the animal, with environmentally friendly procedures that ensure the well-being of the animals and natural, ethical and outdoor breeding.

This seasonal product can only be obtained in winter. Smaller in size than that obtained from forced force-feeding has unique properties in terms of taste, less buttery than Foie Gras from forced force-feeding because it has more protein and less fat.

Préparation : Semi-cooked


For our foie gras, we have collaborated with the best breeders in Spain. In order to produce an exceptional Foie Gras, they have learned to respect the seasonal cycle of natural fattening of the goose and to adapt to it. Instead of imposing rules on the animals, our breeder follows their natural life cycle in order to obtain a product in the most animal-friendly way. 

Our product is obtained from European grey goose "anser anser". It takes a whole year to produce a small, evenly coloured, regular and finely textured Foie Gras.

The geese are free-range in the pastures of southern Spain fed on bellota, natural grass and seeds. The bellota plays a great role in the exceptional flavour of our foie gras. This high-calorie acorn naturally triggers the infiltration of fat into the meat and liver of our geese. It is the basis for a large part of the flavours, nuances and aromas of our product. It is also what gives it a very special texture and a unique taste.

Keep refrigerated between 0ºC and 5ºC. 

Consume within 2-3 days after opening. 

Open the vacuum-packed jar at least 6 hours before tasting. Keep it open in the fridge, this will allow the Foie Gras to oxygenate in order to maximise the nuances of taste. 

In order to obtain the perfect texture when tasting, we recommend that you take it out of the fridge 15 minutes before consumption.

The best time to taste the Foie Gras is during the aperitif or at the beginning of a meal when the mouth has not yet been influenced by other flavours. We suggest that you cut pieces and place them (without spilling them) on freshly toasted bread or toasted brioche and add a small pinch of fleur de sel. Once in the mouth, press on the palate and enjoy while letting the Foie Gras melt.