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Quality at the heart of what we do

An exceptional halal butcher shop founded in 2010

It is in an environment of culinary wonders, of conscientious demand for quality products, preferably organic and balanced, that we were raised and educated. Pushed by our parents to preserve and sublimate family heritage, we decide to invest in a project of butchery of qualitative and exceptional meats!

Our history is that of a family heritage that we have decided to perpetuate. Our precious heritage is twofold: the know-how of our ancestors in the culinary professions and the gastronomic passion of our mother.

Who are we?

At 20 years old, Slim, the more passionate of the two of us, then embarked on CAP butchery training at the Professional Butchery School.
Karim, the most rational, is training to learn and master the managerial and commercial management of the future store. In 2010, we opened our butcher shop in Les Lilas< /strong>.
Over the years, our passion for the profession has pushed us on the one hand to expand our range of products and on the other hand to perfectly master the entire sector and the entire production chain since we make the choice to go directly to our breeders to demand and select the best animals.
This same passion pushes us, today, to continually innovate to offer you new products (ostrich, bison, buffalo, charcuterie, special preparations...) and exceptional meats (Wagyu, Angus…). Our story is that of know-how with food and it is that of know-how with meat.
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Our flagship products

Plain chipolatas
34,00€ /kg
Chipolatas nature
Mild merguez
29,90€ /kg
Merguez douce
Beef spicy merguez
33,50€ /kg
Merguez de boeuf piquante
Tunisian beef merguez
33,50€ /kg
Merguez de boeuf tunisienne
Lamb merguez
37,99€ /kg
Merguez d'agneau
Fried onions chipolatas
34,00€ /kg
Chipolatas oignons frits
Honey and fig chipolatas
34,00€ /kg
Chipolatas miel et figue
Chicken ham
45,00€ /kg
Jambon de poulet
Veal ham
48,90€ /kg
Jambon de veau
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