Frequently asked questions

How is my meat prepared?

Your order is prepared on the day the package is sent.

Meat is carefully cut by our artisan butchers early in the morning, vacuum-packed and then labelled before being packed. Our carrier, ChronoFresh, picks up your parcel at our workshop, for delivery to your home the next day.


 How is my meat delivered?

Meat and charcuterie are vacuum-packed and labelled. They are transported in a secure box. Transport is carried out at a controlled temperature between 0° and 4°C. 

For France, ChronoFresh transport is the safest and most efficient solution for the delivery of temperature-controlled foodstuffs to private individuals. The temperature of your parcel is monitored throughout the delivery to ensure maximum freshness.

The temperature of your parcel is tracked throughout the delivery to ensure maximum freshness.

For Europe, it's the cardboard that keeps your meat fresh. We have chosen for you the best on the market for the delivery of fresh products by opting for an ISOPRO® system (35kg/m3 double-sided metalised closed-cell extruded foam) which allows food to be kept in positive cold from 0 to 4°C. To this we add refrigeration packs to keep the cold chain up to the place of delivery.


How long will it take for my meat to be delivered?

For France, we deliver from Thursday to Saturday morning in 24 to 48 hours.

Once your parcel has been handed over to Chronofresh, you can choose the day that suits you via their delivery platform.

For Europe, in order to satisfy your needs and to overcome logistical imperatives, we only deliver on Thursdays and Fridays.


Why is my meat vacuum-packed?

All our meats are vacuum-packed for better conservation, less exposure to temperature variations and for better storage in your fridge. The number of pieces per vacuum pack is indicated on each product sheet. Vacuum-packed meats logically have a darker colour than fresh meats. Furthermore, vacuum-packed meat has a stronger smell than other meats. This difference is linked to the concentration of aromas during the process, so there is no need to worry, as the smell will dissipate after a few minutes.


When should I open my meat’s bag?

For a better taste and perfect cooking, we advise you to take the meat out of its packaging 2 hours before cooking and leave it at room temperature.


How long can I keep my meat in the fridge?

Vacuum-packed, for 4 to 11 days, depending on the date on the label of your product.

ATTENTION, if the pouch is perforated or opened, the use-by date indicated on the packaging is no longer guaranteed. 


How long can I keep my meat in the freezer?

You can also freeze our meats directly upon receipt of your package and keep the product for as long as you wish. However, for a better experience we advise you not to exceed 3 months in a healthy freezer without freezing, and to defrost your meat little by little (i.e. about 24 hours before, out of its packaging in your fridge).


Are your products halal? 

Yes, all our products are halal. We are personally involved in all stages, from the birth of the animal to the ritual slaughter practised by our own or the slaughterhouse's sacrificers, who are systematically selected less than an hour away from the farm to avoid any stress or injury to the animal. 

All the slaughtering takes place without electronarcosis, without electroshock and without stunning, in a manual way, 1 by 1, and as far as possible, with the animal’s head the right way up.

We also attach great importance to the breeding conditions and the well-being of the animal.